5 ways to get into the Holiday Spirit!

Being an adult comes with many benefits and opportunities, but it also comes with many sacrifices. I don’t know about you, but I still get the butterflies of excitement as holidays approach, yet I am continually disappointed as the holiday comes and goes and I don’t get the same satisfaction I used to get with presents, the belief in magic, and all the food and decorations. That stuff is still fun, but it just doesn’t impact me in the same way as when I was young, focused on how to get my next sugar high, and impressionable.


For the past severals years I have been playing with new traditions and ideas that can help me get into the holiday season and grateful mood I desire for this time of year. What I have discovered is that with a little bit of creativity, some energy of a challenge, and a whole lot of giving and loving, I have landed in a whole new experience of joy and excitement connected Christmas and New Years.


We want you to join in on the fun!

This year, to wrap 2018 up with a nice bow, here are 5 challenges for you to engage in, and yes we will be too!

Follow along on instagram with @dopeame and @dunnebells_ to see the different and creative ways we each put these steps into action.


Choose an area of your home or office to do a deep clean and organization. Purify your space! Take a picture of before and after, and challenge others by sharing how it feels to intentionally create purity in spaces that you spend your time and energy.



Find a charity to volunteer for or donate some gifts. Bring some friends and turn it into a fun date.

Here’s an idea for you….You can join in the fun at yyc cycle on Monday December 10, as we have our third annual Toy Drive and raffle of prizes for those who drop an unwrapped new toy for a child in need!

give thanks.jpg


Make a sweat date with that friend or loved one that you have been thinking about. Take a sweaty picture together and challenge others in your inner circle to sweat and connect as well.

holiday spirit marin.png


Send love notes to a few people you want to acknowledge and appreciate. Perhaps attach that love note to a little gift and drop it off on their door on christmas eve.

Here’s an idea for you...Nominate someone you love who could use a little extra love this year, and send their name, address, and your WHY to Lucy and I (hello@flowandarrow.ca), and we will choose three people to drop off an extra special gift with a love note to (all nominations must be in by December 20 at the latest).


Sit down with a pen and paper, play some music, set the tone, and surround yourself with all the fun art supplies you want to play with. Reflect on what you learned from your struggle and what you loved about 2018. Use that to gain clarity in what you desire for 2019. Put it on paper and you are WAY MORE likely to make it happen. Where your mind goes, energy flows! Get started by registering for a program, course, or workshop for the new year to ensure you hit the ground running.


We will be at GRETA arcade and bar (213 10 Ave SW) on Wednesday December 12, from 2-4pm, hosting a table at this free Holiday Mingle Market. We have an awesome partnership with a local business that focuses solely on giving to charity and supporting small businesses. We will be sharing more details about our first Flow + Arrow event (February 9), selling some sweet gifts of wellness and inspiration, and giving away FREE MONEY for you to donate to your charity of choice. Come see what this is all about!

Let’s make some magic together ;)


Flow and arrow